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On holiday, but like in your family


A high quality

San Giorgio Palace Hotel is also dedicated to long stay hospitality for self-sufficient elder people, giving them care and attentions. The hotel is fully accessible.

The elevator reaches every floor. The hotel staff is at complete disposal of the hotel guests 24 hours a day. The daily menu are carefully studied to guarantee a complete and healthy diet.

Our aim is to give our guests a complete services net and a stay full of human relations.


Our charter of services constitutes a written agreement, between the hotel and its guest, that aims to give safety and tranquility to the guests and their families.

Through this document, we commit ourselves to respect the life rythms of our guests, their needs and requests, their freedom; to promote their vitality and activity, to fight against processes of social exclusion, promoting instead new friendships and encouraging visits from the families; to mantain a high quality residential space, where every guest feels like at home.


Is it possible to visit your place before coming as a guest?

Of course, we are at complete disposal if you wish to visit us and discover our place and our services. We just kindly ask you to contact us and take an appointment.

What should I do to be a senior hotel guest?

You have to sign a contract in which you declare to accept our regulation and commit to pay the established monthly fee. You should read and accept personal data treatment and privacy policy and accept that the hotel has no responsibility when guest is outside. A doctor should visit you, fill and sign a dedicated form declaring that you are self-sufficient and if you have any illness, allergy or disease.

Can you host a non self-sufficient guest?

No, we can’t. Our hotel is dedicated to self-sufficient adults. We are not able to host people that need help in ordinary life activities or suffer from mental deseases.

Can you host disabled people?

Yes, we can, if they are self-sufficient. The hotel is fully accessible and we also have rooms dedicated to disabled guests.

What services are included in the monthly fee?

Use of assigned rooms, including utilities, and of common spaces; bedroom and bathroom clean laundry with weekly change; daily tiding up and weekly cleaning of the room; breakfast, lunch and dinner with dedicated menus; free use, upon availability and reservation, of jacuzzi and fitness room; entertainment activities.

What services are available but not included in the monthly fee?

Laundry service, extra cleaning service, wellness treatments and massages, hairdresser, beautician, podiatrist, medical and healthcare services. Some of the above services are executed by hotel partners and not hotel staff.

What kind of medical and healthcare services do you offer? Should I pay for them?

Medical and healthcare services are executed by external personnel. Hotel staff acts as intermediary and helps hotel guests to reserve this kind of services. If necessary, the hotel provides spaces for the service. The guest should be aware of the price and accept it before the execution of every medical service.

What do fixed menus include?

Our menus vary depending on availability of fresh products. Lunch and dinner are composed by a three courses menu, bread, water and ¼ l of wine or soft drink, unless medical indications give advice against them.

What time is it possible to visit hotel guests?

Hotel guests can receive visits in the common spaces of the hotel every day from 10 AM to 9 PM. In case the visit is inside the room, a registration of the visitor is required.

Can a visitor have lunch or dinner with an hotel guest?

Of course. Friends and relatives are welcome. If you wish to celebrate an anniversary, please tell us before and we will decide together a special menu.

Can senior hotel guests go out?

Yes, they are free to move and go out. Nevertheless, we ask them to come back before 11 PM or to tell to the hotel staff if they know they will not be back at that time. In case a guest do not come back at 23.00 without telling the hotel staff, relatives will be alerted. Under no circumstances the hotel is responsible for guests when they are outside.

Can a guest take with him personal effects?

Of course, guests can personalize their room with decorative objects and little ornaments.

Can a guest take with him his pet?

Of course, pets are welcome. We just ask to the guest to follow some simple rules described in our “Charter of Services”.

What if a guest lose a precious object or money?

Under no circumstances the hotel is responsible in case of deterioration or theft of objects and money, unless they have been given in custody to hotel reception. In accordance with the law 1766 of Civil Code, the hotel commits to guard for free sums of money or objects belonging to its guests. The hotel staff can refuse to take in custody objects of big value or big amounts of money, which refund would not be bearable for the hotel management.

Can I report inefficiencies or suggest improvements to the hotel?

Of course, we provide forms to fill in order to complain or suggest improvements. In case of complaints, the hotel management commits to give a written answer in a maximum of 10 working days from the receipt of the form.